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Synthetic Turf

Are you looking for synthetic turf that looks authentic in markets today? Artificial Ivy Walls is your answer. Our turf gets made using synthetic fibers that are the most advanced technology that is available. Wondering about the results? The most flexible realistic and softest is out there for you to purchase. Even fibers that are light colored get woven into the turf for giving it a look of natural thatch that is reminiscent of natural grass.

For preserving the green rich color and prevent it from fading we use the best formula of UV stabilizing in the manufacturing process. Synthetic turf from Artificial Ivy Walls helps homeowners in eliminating water needs and saving a lot of their money. Our turf is environmental-friendly and needs no chemicals or fertilizers. It is recyclable and is made of renewable materials. Also, it is free of lead.

Not many buyers are aware that artificial or synthetic turf that gets made off-shore contains metals that make it not recyclable. We at Artificial Ivy Walls, ensure that our products are produced under strict guidelines of the environment besides being ecologically-friendly. The products are free of leads, are recyclable and contain no heavy metals at all.

You can associate with us for learning more about the turf we offer and to find if you possess the eligibility for xeriscape rebates on utility.


The turf at Artificial Ivy Walls is the softest turf available and has the best formula for UV stabilizing that controls the fading of the greenness.

  • It has been engineered in such a manner that it almost feels like natural grass and stays firm besides being stable.
  • If you are wondering if it is deal for playing then you must know that out turf is uniform and non-abrasive in traction, thus being perfect for the playing purposes.

Players get to perform with oodles of confidence and their fatigue never gets accelerated. There are no joint pains at all because the fiber is soft and can be easily glided upon.

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