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Installation and Maintenance


If you are looking forward to keeping lawn maintenance free and prevent calls for maintenance.then keep your artificial ivy and turf projects looking beautiful with our synthetic products and installation service. When you use our turf as opposed to natural grass, you actually enjoy the privilege of possessing a fabulous looking lawn. Turn to Artificial Ivy Walls today, will make the most of your artificial Ivy or synthetic lawn project.

Our grass goes through numerous quality checks and the process of quality control is quite strict. It is highly effective and allows the people to stay the safest in the knowledge that the turf they use for business or homes is indeed the best one can have.

Leave the stress associated with weeds, mowing, and discoloration behind. It is made to be friendly for the kids and pets. It is durable, looks every bit beautiful and is also tough. Thus, it means that the money that is invested by you makes artificial turf totally worth it.

Depend on our teams to ensure your getting the job done the right way the first time. Our project managers are available on-site to oversee the installation work of Artificial Ivy and synthetic turf.

Check out the installation process we use on our installs.

Our installers remove existing grass, rocks, concrete, we discard all waste. We then bring in a 50/50 aggregate mix of sand and rocks. Followed by compacting the surface leveling it down for proper water drainage.. we make sure we have the sprinkler lines capped off. The area is sprayed completely for deterring re-growth of the grass. After this, the cloth is placed for making a weed barrier on the area and we nail it down. We then install the synthetic turf over the weed barrier and cut to size. once the turf is cut we then do a concrete border around the perimeter and glue the turf down with turf adhesive. finally, we infill the turf with envirofill brush the area and clean up all waste.


Benefits of Installing a Synthetic Turf

  • Always Green and beautiful
  • No Plant allergens
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lower Water Bills
  • No need to Fertilize
  • No need to overseed
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • No mowing or trimming
  • Eligible for xeriscape utility rebates

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